This is Kathleen's grandmother, Stella.
We named the bus after her!

Joe & Kathleen

We own the Knox Photo Bus, and that's our
dog, Murphy. He loves riding in the bus!


Stella is a 1969 Volkswagen Bus. We found her in 2015 in Kingsport, TN, and she desperately needed to be restored! She ran well, but she needed extensive body work.

When we first got Stella, if you sat in the driver seat and looked down, you could see through huge holes in the floor all the way to the ground. Her front windshield had a golf ball sized hole and nearly all of her windows leaked, so she couldn’t sit outside for fear of further water and rust damage.

For 14 months, she was in the body shop, with meticulous care. Upon further inspection, we found that the dark teal color she was painted when we bought her was not her original color. Instead, the original color was a much lighter blue.

During this time, we were also trying to find a name for the bus. After seeing that her original color was a light blue, we decided to name her Stella, which was the name of Kathleen’s grandmother whose entire house was blue, down to the carpet.

Knox Photo Bus

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